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Here’s a place where I post my creative writing. I hope I will be able to publish some of it one day! We’ll see 🙂

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The Deep Unknown

By: Me


The sea that swallows souls in ships,

It crushes men with mighty fists.

Its deep blue locks wrap ‘round the helpless,

Like a king; a royal blue.


The sea it waves the passerby,

To and fro the waters deep.

Flowing on the far horizon,

Wading in the deep expanse.


The ocean is a grave for some,

A deep and briny undertow,

Sweeping spirits underneath,

Buried men in sands below.


The sea it guards from deep within,

Gold and treasure in its grasp.

Stuff of legend it withholds,

Things of pirates, sailors, crew.

Ocean eyes that dart, defending wealth unknown.


Fists of waves and salty foam,

Wave of spirit and surge of soul.

Clambering on the crest of ships,

Wings that skim the red horizon.

Mystifying endlessness,

The dark and rooted tides.

Forever is the murky sea-

The deep unknown.



“Around the World and Back Again”

A short (and sad) narrative

By: Me


Sometimes when the sky is the brightest blue, I see your eyes. I can hear your laugh and feel your touch. I remember the love that we shared and the times we had together; fearing nothing, and loving everything. We would laugh away our fears and sorrow and would embrace in moments that seemed to never end. I think about the times that I cried on your shoulder and I felt as though nothing could break me down. The days we spent in the park, fingers locked together, gazing at the setting sun. I remember the time you told me to never give up. Never to let the darkness take me over. You said that you would take on all of my fears, and all of my nightmares. You told me to follow my spirit.

When I gaze into the stars, I can hear your whispers in my ear. I can remember all of our laughter, and all of the tears we shed. When I walk past the bench in the park, I can remember the first time you told me you loved me. I can remember the way I felt. Safe and happy. When I walk past our old church, I can hear the vows we uttered through tear filled eyes.

You always told me that you would be there for me. Your strong grip protected me.


But then you left.

The darkness took you over, and you said goodbye. People walk by me and shake their heads and tut in pity. Everyone knew about our love. Lost forever.

I held your hand and prayed. I prayed that God would give me your darkness. I prayed that one day the light would regain, that you would come back to me. But you slipped away so quickly. Your strength was dampened, your lips were cold. Every moment I saw you in pain, I thought I would never make it out. I wanted so badly to take your place.

I shed tears for the both of us, and I tried to pull you through. Why didn’t you let me?

I took all of what I had and threw it away. My soul was emptied to protect you. I left my feelings in the dust. I tried to be happy for you, but you slipped away with my heart.

When I look up at the sky at night, I see your face in the moon. I see your hands in the shadows. I try to play the sound of your voice with the rush of the wind. My heart is cold.

You told me that day that I shouldn’t worry. In dying breath you told me not to cry. You said my heart should go on, but you stole it. Until my feet step into Heaven, I will never try to love another soul.

I close my eyes and whisper, my hand upon my heart. I try to think that you will hear me, and I wish that I would know. I say the words you told me on that bench between our kisses; on your knee in front of church, on your bed before you left me:


“I love you till the moon and back, to and fro the skies, around the world and back again.”

In the wind I can almost hear you answer like I always did:

“Into Heaven, everlasting, my heart will go on.”






By: Me 


The sky is on fire,

The ground is ablaze.

Like Hell the rivers have turned to blood.

Death tightens its noose ‘round blood-stained collars,

Rifles line these tombs of men,

Like crosses in the graveyard.

Fallen souls are black as soot,

Spirit’s ash in crimson fields,

The stench of death hanging in the air.


Among the mess and yellow fog,

His prayer is uttered through weakened lips.

He looks up into crimson skies,

He knows it is the end.

Silently he bids farewell,

Yearning for his bride.

Across the sea of fallen brothers,

He thinks about The Lord above,

As last tears stream down his lifeless face,

His life is soon a memory.


He rests among his brethren,

He perishes without a witness.

His rifle, the headstone in the trench,

His body numb-growing cold,

The silence of death quiets heart and breath.

His widowed bride cries forevermore,

A stone now marks his memory.

A gift he left,

For all to see.

‘Neath a banner of his state-

A gift of life-

A life unfinished.




By: Me


Listen, listen, listen,

To the beating of your heart.

The longing you possess,

The love you had depart.

Your eyes are dim,

Your light within,

It flickers-dwindled happiness.

Falling, falling, falling,

Don’t drown in all your sorrow.

Let it make you whole again,

Let it give you hope.

Searching, searching, searching,

For the light of distant peace,

Through glassy streams-falling tears.

Let this make you strong of heart,

Find love, find love, find love,

As you weep in darkened night,

Let it bring the sun.



By: Me

Swooping down from nothingness-they come.

Peering through moonlit windows-they see.

With red eyes hovering in the dark-they know.

Where their victims lay soundlessly-they scream.

Haunting shrills that echo across infinity,

Clashing, Swooping, Flying, fast-they leave.

Without a sound they disappear.

Leaving the cries of their prisoners.

Lost in the ever-distant darkness,

Lost in your dreams,

In your mind,

They lurk: