Reaching Out

happysad - Edited (1)

I drew this a while ago, but it is still one of my favorites! I used an array of mediums on this one. I used Prismacolor, Prang, and Crayola colored pencils. I also used pencil to sketch and inked it with a Sharpie pen and a Papermate black felt-tip pen.

I also tried out some different drawing techniques like shattered glass, spiderweb and rays of light. So, this is what I decided to post 🙂 I don’t have as much time to post things, so I can’t say when I will be uploading. Thanks for your views, and have a great summer! ❤

Rhett McLaughlin from “Good Mythical Morning”

Rhett (Shahbaz) Drawing

This is the other half of my favorite YouTube duo: “Rhett and Link”. I like the results, but my favorite one of the two, is the “Link” portrait. 😀

I drew this with mechanical pencil, (I used a picture quality filter, so the lines look darker…) I colored in his eyes with Prang “Grass Green” and Prismacolor “Violet”.

If you are interested, here is a link to their daily show that I am obsessed with: 

“Link” Neal from “Good Mythical Morning”

Linkster Drawing

I copied a picture of this guy from my FAVORITE YouTube daily show. I LOVE the results!!

I drew this with a mechanical pencil, and Crayola “Blue” and Prang “Violet” colored pencils for his eyes. (The lines look really dark, because I fixed the picture quality through a filter.)

❤ Hope you like it!

BTW- Here is the link for their show if you are interested: 

The Emo Kid

emo - Edited

It’s been awhile!!!

I thought I would practice the profile of a male, because 90% of the time I draw females, and I need to branch out. I thought I would add as edgy look to this with an unfinished head, ‘punky style’ and makeup…and color. Because most of my art stays black-and-white. So yeah.

I used the standard wood pencil, Sharpie pen in black, Crayola colored pencil in the color “violet”, and Prismacolor colored pencils in the colors “rose”, “peach”, a little “grass green” for the eyes, and “black”.

Chickadee (Male)-Bird


I copied this from a bird book that my brother has. Chickadees are one of my favorite birds, so I wanted to draw it. (FUN FACT** These birds are called “Chickadees” because the song they make sounds like: “chicka-dee-dee-dee-dee….”)

I made this with mechanical pencil and Sharpie pen.