20171115_212348 - Edited

(sorry for the crappy camera resolution)

I sketched this today in like 30 minutes overall. I was in to mood to practice realism, so why not? This isn’t a portrait of anyone in particular tbh

I just used a #2 wooden pencil, and I used the Sax Arts and Crafts 80-lb sketchbook.

That’s pretty much it for this one ❤


Death By Beauty


I drew another ink drawing here. (Sharpie pen) I started it awhile ago and I decided to finish it in Astronomy class today. I tried to use a lot of different textures and materials in this to practice my inking. I think it’s decent, what about you?


To Scale

IMAG1761 - Edited (1)

I got this idea from an artist who’s channel goes by the name Peter Draws . He always draws these really detailed ink abstract pieces that are really cool. He does a lot of stippling- ( A drawing technique that used dots to shade and make lines and shapes.)

So yeah, I just used a Sharpie pen and some run-of-the-mill printer paper.

I hope this was sufficient ❤

Chinese Brush Painting


I drew these with some brush markers that I had awhile ago. I actually don;t have them anymore. I found these drawings from about 2 years ago, and here we are still posting it. Oh well.

(The Chinese letters on the bottom right corners are totally fake btw. I’m not that smart to actually know Chinese letters, sorry fam)

Anyway, this is it for this one.


Elf Prince


This is yet another manga/anime elf. I have a slight obsession with drawing these! (The marks in the background are jut another drawing that this one was set on top of, so you can kind of see through it)

I colored most of this in with Prismacolor markers, with some colored pencil for the skin and sword sheath. I used a forest green color, a terracotta, and some warm and cool greys. I obviously used a Sharpie pen to ink this one. Well, not really “ink” per say, because I just free-handed this one with a pen, vs. pencil.

Dats it.