Artificial Intelligence

20180125_173836 - Edited

This is a pencil drawing from a while ago actually–

I just used a regular pencil. haha you can tell this is from a while ago because this was before I was extremely particular about using ink. xD

Anyway, I still like the design. I hope you guys like it too ❤

Love u so much ❤


Facing Fears

IMAG2722 - Edited

This one I drew, and I’m not sure what inspired me. I always tend to draw things absentmindedly, and this is just another one of those days. I tried out a stippling technique, and it ended up okay, except this drawing looks a bit unfinished. Oh well-haha 😛

Supplies I used:

BIC mechanical pencil

Black Sharpie (broad tip)

Black Sharpie-Pen

Black Sharpie (fine tip)

…and my trusty Prismas in:

Cool Grey 10%, 20%, 40-80%


Remember to share the love, and be kind to one another. ❤

Love u all x



IMAG2433 - EditedLately I have been trying to draw with more value and color vs just pencil or pen. I tried to draw a person from a unique perspective/angle as well…

Colors I used: (Prismacolor)





(slight pencil shading for the teeth)


I haven’t been posting too often, but I have great art coming up!!

All the love, xx


IMAG2351 - Edited

Ive been painting so much lately!! This time I decided to paint Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi from my favorite vocal duo: Superfruit. They are so amazingly talented and I love their music ❤

You might have seen them before, they are also a part of the famous a capella group, Pentatonix 😛

I painted this with heavy body acrylic paint by Liquitex:

Yellow Ochre

Burt Sienna

Raw Umber

Titanium White

Alizarin Crimson

Dioxazine Purple

Canary Yellow


(and a very sheer blue acrylic by Artists Loft)


I hope you guys like this <33

Check them out>>>>


Grey Area

IMAG2218 - Edited

I drew this with just Prismacolor pencils, and no sketching! This was definitely a challenge and I tried my best to focus on value and contrast.

I used (Prismacolor) colors:

Cool Grey 20% – Cool Grey 80%

True Blue



Love you all, thanks for taking time to look at this haha

Falling In Deep

IMAG2222 - Edited

This one kind of just happened. I didn’t draw anyone in particular, but these people do kind of look like the people in my ‘Peter Parker and M.J.” post. I tried to branch out with expressions with closed eyes.

*Sometimes when you draw people with their eyes closed and not enough expression in the rest of the face, they tend to look like they are sleeping.*

Did I nail it, or fail it? (AYYy, rhyming)

I sketched with mechanical pencil, inked with a blue felt tip pen, (as I have been) and colored in with Prang and Prismacolor colored pencils.

I hope this one is interesting! It’s kind of in time for Valentine’s Day, I guess. 😛

Love u all 🙂 ❤


IMAG2221 - Edited

I drew this piece inspired by all the makeup artists and all the people who express themselves through their beauty inside and outside!

I tried to show the beauty of androgynous humans and the beauty of just being yourself no matter what! 🙂

I used a mechanical #2 HB pencil to sketch, a blue Papermate felt tip pen to ink, and I colored in with Prang and Prismacolor colored pencils.

I hope you guys don’t feel ashamed to be yourselves and inspire others to feel beautiful and express themselves!

Love you so much!!