Feeling Blue

IMG_9988 - Edited

This one was a little bit of a different style than how I normally paint, but hey, artists should try new things right? I painted with the usual brushes for the under-painting, but then I decided to go a little bit abstract with it and use palette knives for texture. What do you guys think of it?? Love it hate it? I’d love to know!

Supplies I Used:

Liquitex (heavy body acrylic) Titanium White

Liquitex (medium body) Pthalo Blue, Indigo

Sax detail brushes (acrylic)

Artist’s Loft (acrylic) brushes

*The canvas was just painted cardboard 😛

That’s all for this one! All the love x


The Meadow

IMAG3480 - Edited

I decided to do another good ‘ole line art piece. This one has only light value, because I wanted to keep it pretty simple. I feel like the distance could be more detailed, but the angle on my pen was a little off and I didn’t want to mess up!

I made this for my Drawing and Design class, I think it turned out decent. 😛

What I Used:

#2HB Bic (wooden) pencil

Prismacolor Ebony pencil (Jet Black, extra smooth)

Sharpie Pen (black)


Tea Time

IMAG3476 - Edited

This is a still life painting that took me a while to post! I learned while painting this that dioxazine purple is the best color to use for shadow, and contrast is very important!!

Art Supplies I used:

Liquitex (medium-heavy body medium)

Artist’s Loft canvas (white)

Sax detail brushes

Artist’s Loft Detail Brushes

I hope you guys like this one! ❤


Moon On The River

IMAG3483 - Edited

I’m back with paintingsss!!!! This one is from my painting class final assignment of the year! I had to paint a landscape, so I just decided to try painting water for the first time!

Art supplies I used:

Liquitex (heavy body acrylic)

Artists Loft (light body/lighter medium acrylic)

Artist Loft canvas (white)

Artist Loft brushes

Sax acrylic detail brushes

I hope u guys like this one!! ❤ ❤

All the love x


The Last Moments

robot1 - Edited (1)

I;m back with another digital drawing. This one turned out kinda sad, and when I drew this I really connected with this character. I was listening to sad music when I was drawing this so I think that might be the motive behind it?? LOl I don’t really know.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Love you all so much! ❤


4360692541124251923 - Edited

I’m back with more hand-drawn art!! I’m not sure what I was inspired by, but here it is.

What I used:

An HB #2 0.5 mechanical pencil (BIC)

A fine tip Sharpie in Grey


That’s all for now I guess ❤

Ivy Gaze: Updated

ivy5 filtered

My teacher thought it would be a good idea to get rid of some black lines and add a background.

I really like how this ended up, and I think it was a good idea to change some things.

What do you guys think?

Love you all x