elf - Edited

im back with more digital art!! i drew this in photoshop on a drawing tablet 🙂

i really think this turned out a lot better than my first photoshop drawing. i hope u guys like it!!
Love u so much ❤




Untitled drawing - Edited (9).jpg

HI!! ugh its been ages since i’ve posted–im lazy lately.

So, I drew this for my graphic design class in our digital art unit. It was my very first time using a drawing tablet, and i think this turned out pretty okay??

The comic is based off a song by my favorite band (Vancouver Sleep Clinic–as you know by now lol) From their new single ‘Utopia’. I used the first lines as the captions for the comics. I hope you guys like this!

Love you all x

Facing Fears

IMAG2722 - Edited

This one I drew, and I’m not sure what inspired me. I always tend to draw things absentmindedly, and this is just another one of those days. I tried out a stippling technique, and it ended up okay, except this drawing looks a bit unfinished. Oh well-haha 😛

Supplies I used:

BIC mechanical pencil

Black Sharpie (broad tip)

Black Sharpie-Pen

Black Sharpie (fine tip)

…and my trusty Prismas in:

Cool Grey 10%, 20%, 40-80%


Remember to share the love, and be kind to one another. ❤

Love u all x