IMAG1882_1 - Edited

I just finished this one too! (Iv’e been on a drawing streak today 😛 ) I wanted to experiment with more of an abstract approach to realism.

I penciled this first with a mechanical #2, and inked it with a Sharpie pen.

The colored ranged throughout the drawing:

Prang Crimson, Prang Violet, Prismacolor Dark Blue, Crayola Sky Blue, and Prismacolor Rouge.

I hope you guys like it! ❤ ❤




I decided to draw this one just now because I was just in the mood to draw some crazy vogue, fashion. Why not?

I used soft pencil once more, and that’s pretty much it 🙂

A vanguard

tiba ed

I drew this yesterday on a whim, and I kind of love the result 😛

I tried to make the person portrayed as more of a vanguard or androgynous. IDK how it worked out tho really.

I used the same soft lead pencil and a paper rolled blender tool. I would suggest using a blender tool if you are going for a smooth, flat looking blend or a glow effect. But it really is not ideal if you are trying to sketch something rough, or with prominent texture.

Made ya learn!



man ed

So, I draw a lot of women mostly, and not many men. (I’ve seen this pattern with other artists I know, where they tend to draw people of their gender, which I find to be interesting. Hm.)

This is no one in particular, just a dude. I used softer led pencil for this one. I decided to leave his hair unfinished to open up the perspective a little bit. Did I fail?


that’s all I got folks 🙂

Cylinder (practice)

cylan ed

Yep, this is just another demo sketch. In my art classes this year, I’m going to be taking a high level drawing class, so I wanted to brush up on the basics. Anyway, there isn’t much I have to say about this one. I guess it just is what it is 😛

❤ you guys as always!

Smoke (practice)


I used a softer led pencil to sketch this the other day. I’ve just been in the mood to practice more realistic art without inking it. (Which has been very hard!)

But yeah, this isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s a post XD