Elf Prince


This is yet another manga/anime elf. I have a slight obsession with drawing these! (The marks in the background are jut another drawing that this one was set on top of, so you can kind of see through it)

I colored most of this in with Prismacolor markers, with some colored pencil for the skin and sword sheath. I used a forest green color, a terracotta, and some warm and cool greys. I obviously used a Sharpie pen to ink this one. Well, not really “ink” per say, because I just free-handed this one with a pen, vs. pencil.

Dats it.


Yet More Manga


I drew this one awhile ago and I tried a new style of manga hair.

This one consisted of the usual: Sharpie pen, Prismacolor colored pencils, and that’s pretty much it. This blog is getting really boring, and I apologize lol

Oh well, I hope you like it!


IMAG3491 - Edited

I’m back with another painting!

This is a painting I finished recently, and I used mainly Artist’s Loft acrylics in orange, Burnt Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Canary yellow, and Burnt Sienna. Also, Liquitex acrylic in the color Titanium white.

I used Artist’s Loft brushes as well. (If you ever want to see reviews on these products, I have a whole page dedicated to reviews of products I use. Feel free to click!)




I copied this style of Batman from the back of a cereal box actually haha

I liked the shading technique that was used, there is a mix of thick-line shading and hatching. I used a Sharpie pen to ink, mechanical pencil to sketch, and a Black Prismacolor colored pencil, a Prang colored pencil in “Peach” and “Rose” and for the glow effect I used a yellow Prismacolor colored pencil.



IMAG1770 - Edited

I drew this with a Sharpie pen one day on a limb. I tried a new kind of lettering too, so that’s interesting I guess.

These descriptions get more boring as I go along. Sorry people -_-

Okay guys, I’m gonna go 🙂

Puppy Pal

IMAG1779 - Edited

I copied this from a dog book that I have. I was able to free-hand this in ink, so I’m kinda happy about that 🙂

I decided to add the accent color of red to make this look more artistic. Idk

I used a mechanical pencil, a Sharpie pen, and a Micron red pen to color in the ball.

How do you think this one turned out?