The Mountain


I kind of drew this by accident. I was playing around with my Prismacolor markers, and I decided to draw a grey-scale mountain. The Sun and clouds were an after thought. But I like how they brightened up the picture.

I used Prismacolor brand markers. (Copic brand also works, better actually. But they are WAY more expensive. I’ve never used cheap markers for this kind of thing, so I have no idea how that would work.) I used Cool Grey 10%(which is almost not a color, but it works as a “colorless blender”. Its just a marker that you can draw over other colors and blend them together) all the way to Cool Grey 90%(which is almost black). I also used Warm Grey 30%, and Black. For The Sun, I used a brush-tip Canary Yellow, fine-tip Terracotta, (the orange color) and fine-tip Crimson Red. The clouds are a mix of my Cool Grey 10%, and Cool Grey 20%.

*I bet you could make a REALLY COOL version of this drawing with paint, colored pencil, or oil pastels!


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