Cool Pattern :P


I free-handed this with a black Sharpie pen. I was doing this while listening to a podcast, and I think it looks kinda cool. XD

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Chickadee (Male)-Bird


I copied this from a bird book that my brother has. Chickadees are one of my favorite birds, so I wanted to draw it. (FUN FACT** These birds are called “Chickadees” because the song they make sounds like: “chicka-dee-dee-dee-dee….”)

I made this with mechanical pencil and Sharpie pen.

Daft Punk

Mar 23, 2017 2-06-24 PM

I made this while listening to my favorite podcast: Ear Biscuits by Rhett and Link (check them out, free on SoundCloud) I was a little sad how off the proportions are…but oh well. I like how the hair turned out though.

I drew it with mechanical pencil, and Sharpie pen.  ❤

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Pin-up Girl

IMAG1772 - Edited

It been a little bit since I drew something. It is progress report week, so I was really busy! I got inspired by an Instagram artist who’s handle is: Girly_m

She makes beautiful art, check her out. 😛

I made this with mechanical pencil and inked with the usual Sharpie pen. ❤

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Cute Manga Girl <3

animeanime - Edited

I made this awhile ago, and I think it is really cute. I tried a new kind of eyes that I saw on Pinterest. And, I tried a new hair texture look. I love the end result of this one.

What I used: take a wild guess…. a Sharpie pen and a mechanical pencil. (I can’t remember if I used a wooden pencil for shading or not. oh well)

Tribal Girl


I free-handed this when I was bored out of my mind. I think I say this often…but really. I tried a new kind of face shape and eye style. As you can tell, the shoulder-less dress top and necklace were an afterthought. Oh well.

I used: mechanical pencil and wood pencil (to shade),Sharpie pen.

Ta-ta for now!